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The PDD IS holds its first meeting: a step towards therapeutic collaboration

May 19, 2023 | Sin categoría

Today, May 19th, the first meeting of the PDD International Society members takes place, who are eager to get to know each other and to start the society’s work. PDD (Dynamic Psychotherapy oriented by Dimensions) is an integrative therapeutic methodology, created by Dr. Javier Castillo, strongly inspired by Jungian psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis, as well as introducing among its foundations the cognitive and behavioural dimensions.

The main objective of the PDD International Society members is to scientifically investigate the fundamentals of PDD and its future developments in order to improve its clinical application in a pragmatic and consistent manner. It also seeks to accredit PDD psychotherapists and coaches, certifying their thoroughness and professionalism as integrative dimensional therapists.

Another fundamental objective of the society is the organisation of congresses, meetings and seminars to raise awareness of PDD and its clinical applications. Through these activities, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between professionals are promoted, with the aim of disseminating and strengthening the importance of this innovative therapeutic approach.

The PDD International Society hopes that this meeting will be the starting point for collaborative and productive work for the benefit of the therapeutic community and those who are positively impacted by PDD. It seeks to establish a platform for collaboration and mutual learning, where members can share their knowledge, research and clinical practices to promote the continued development of PDD and its application in the field of psychotherapy and coaching.

With this first meeting, the PDD International Society marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards the expansion and consolidation of PDD as a comprehensive and effective therapeutic approach.


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